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Best Disabilty Film Awards

Grand Prix: A Letter to My Mother, by Algis Arlauskas of Spain, recounting the true story of Reuben David Gonzales Gallego, a boy with cerebral palsy who was brought up in Russian orphanages, came to adulthood under Perestroika, finally found his mother in Prague and later moved with her to Spain, their country of origin. Reuben David, now 35, earned the Russian version of the Booker prize for White on Black, his autobiography, considered to be Russias first honest appraisal of the conditions of life for its disabled citizens.

  • Audience favorite: About Love, Tofik Shakhverdiev , Russia
  • Public Service Announcement: A Georgian Song, Cultural Disability Center, Tanadgoma, Georgia
  • Short Documentary: Like a Butterfly, (Jak Motyl), Ewa Pieta, Poland
  • Long Documentary: King Gimp, Bill Whiteford, USA
  • Short Feature: Tie-- Click Three Times, Victoria Sampson, USA, and The Key to the Stars, Pierre-Louis Levacher, France
  • Full Length Feature: Secret Love, (Stille Liebe), Christoph Schaub, Switzerland
  • About Disabled Children & Youth: About Love
  • About Disability for Children: The Tale of the Czars Decree, Anna Kulygina, Russia
  • Disability Art & Culture: The Art of Riva Lehrer, Sharon Snyder, USA
  • Experimental Films: TieHarvie Krumpet, Adam Eliot, Australia, and Frida Kahlos Corset, Liz Crow, Great Britain
  • Comedy: Gregors Greatest Invention, (Gregors größte Erfindnung), Johannes Kiefer, Germany
  • Romance: I will not leave you until I die, Maciej Adamek , Poland
  • Most Uplifting: Walk this Way, Kathryn Vander, USA

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